Reddit: Continuing the hype with Ethereum cooperation?

The online platform Reddit has set itself the goal of bringing the advantages of blockchain technology closer to its users. To do this, it relies on Ethereum.

The online community Reddit will expand its role in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The company announced that it would henceforth build scaling tools for the blockchain network

That emerges from a social media notice from Reddit that was posted on Wednesday. This explicitly mentions scaling tools that are being developed in cooperation with the Ethereum Foundation. In the announcement that appeared on the Bitcoin Era subreddit , the employee with the username u / jarins writes that this move will increase commitment to the technology. In addition, this measure is fully in line with the long-cherished “decentralized ethos”.

That partnership could lead Reddit to work on tools to scale Ethereum Layer 2 or drive projects from prototype to production. Own resources, including a development team, would be involved in this work. This project probably also boils down to users benefiting from Reddit’s community points feature.

As stated in Wednesday’s announcement, the platform now has over 50 million daily users

As BTC-ECHO previously reported , Reddit is experimenting with Ethereum-based tokens for two of its subreddits, r / Cryptocurrency and r / FortNiteBR. This week’s announcement makes a partnership between Reddit and the Ethereum Foundation official. The online community started developer pitches last summer to find the best way to distribute community points.


“Beware the Bitcoin bubble,” says Bank of America

About US$ 10 billion was invested in stocks last week, according to the BofA, while US$ 1.5 billion went to gold.

Bitcoin “is the door to previous bubbles,” according to Bank of America analysts, who say the digital currency is “bubbling,” citing the “violent” price action that has driven digital currency in the past two months.

The bank said that cryptomime has soared in the past 12 months and reached levels similar to other bubbles, such as that of China in the late 1990s and that of gold in the 1970s.

“Foaming prices, greedy positions, inflationary formulators and desperate […],” said BofA chief investment strategist Michael Hartnett.

Bank of America is one of the world’s largest financial institutions, serving approximately 56 million clients in the United States. The bank is among the world’s leading wealth management companies.

The bank recommended the sale of several stocks due to “sparkling prices” after its data showed that investors were invading the money markets and gold funds, while the stock market exuberance decreased slightly.

The BofA said the trend to “buy everything” in 2020 reached 2021, but expects a slowdown in risky assets (bitcoin) as “politics, positioning and profits” peak around March.

About $10 billion was invested in stocks last week, according to the BofA, while $1.5 billion went into gold.

It is not clear yet how much investment entered Bitcoin, with GrayScale alone attracting about half a billion per week at the end of December.

Investors have been investing in gold and Bitcoin as the dollar weakens with the mass printing of money.

In addition, the digital currency is being adopted as a portfolio diversification after numerous studies have concluded that the asset increases risk-adjusted returns.

This, however, may look like a bubble because it is the first time we are witnessing the launch and integration of an asset that was not subject to the laws of wealthy investors.

Startups like then Facebook or Google are closed to the public in the early stages by the Securities Act of 1933.

At this stage of rapid growth and rapid appreciation, the company is not publicly traded and therefore does not have a price that we can all invest.

However, it does have a private price that is accessible only to the rich and banks. If this price were accounted for as well, all these companies would look like a huge massive bubble.

So it’s not that Bitcoin is a bubble. It is more that, for the first time, we are witnessing the true open public pricing of an asset since its inception.

An asset that is growing in adoption and therefore is growing rapidly in price because bankers did not first buy all the shares or currencies to sell them to the public for the high price in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) as they did with Facebook, Google and all the other companies.

Showing a disconnect between the rich first and then the rest, for everyone first based on merit.

This difference explains why the term “bubble” is vomited every time Bitcoin goes up.

If the bankers had bought it before everyone else then it would have been a bubble.

Bitcoin, however, was launched publicly at a zero price and at a zero market capitalization, unlike any asset before it, perhaps in history.

So, if Bitcoin is a bubble, the rapid increase in valuation of any growing startup is a bubble too, something that would make everything a bubble, and therefore none.


Betraktes Bitcoin Mining fortsatt som stødig arbeid?

Rapporter fra et selskap kjent som Core Scientific har dukket opp i nyhetene for sent.

Bedriften ønsker å utvide sin bitcoin gruvedrift i hele USA Mens firmaet er offisielt basert i Bellevue, Washington, har selskapet også åpnet stasjoner i flere Midtvestlige og sørlige stater, inkludert North Carolina, Kentucky og Georgia, og det planlegger ikke på å stoppe når som helst snart.

Holder Bitcoin Mining fremdeles sving?

Det faktum at alt dette skjer i USA er absolutt positivt. For det første fikk bitcoin-gruvedrift til slutt sin start i Amerika. Imidlertid har virksomheten siden vokst i regioner som Kina – med etablering av firmaer som Bitmain og Canaan Creative – og østlige deler av Europa, og som et resultat henger USA noe i denne avdelingen.

Dermed kan Core Scientific potensielt bringe bruken av bitcoin-gruvedrift tilbake til grunnleggende og tilbake til form, med Amerika i den sentrale rollen den en gang likte for mange år siden. Dette kan potensielt hjelpe USA å komme tilbake på toppen og etablere seg som et primært kryptovaluta-knutepunkt, noe som ikke ser ut til å være tilfelle i pressetiden, med tanke på hvor mange uetablerte forskrifter som fortsatt kretser i hele landets lovgivende kontorer.

I tillegg er gruvedrift bitcoin ganske lønnsomt i skrivende stund. Til tross for noen få støt langs veien i løpet av den siste uken, er en bitcoin verdt nær $ 19.000. En bitcoin-miners belønning ble til slutt redusert til omtrent 6,25 tilbake i mai etter bitcoins tredje halvering, men dette er fortsatt et overskudd på over $ 100.000 for hver produserte blokk. Dermed, hvis du bryter bitcoin, kan du gjøre det ganske bra for deg selv hvis du er tålmodig og holder deg til det.

Utvilsomt er mulighetene for bitcoin-gruvedrift i USA – eller hvor som helst, for den saks skyld – lovende. Imidlertid er det et stort problem som ingen ser ut til å snakke om, og det er at det ikke er så mange bitcoins igjen.

En langsommere prosess

Slik det ser ut, er mer enn 18,5 millioner av verdens 21 millioner bitcoins allerede ekstrahert. Dette etterlater bare litt mer enn to millioner igjen. Dette kan se ut som et stort tall i begynnelsen, men faktum er at de 18 millioner som det ble snakket om først ble hentet ut i en tidsramme på omtrent ti år.

Selv om den endelige bitcoin ikke skal utvinnes til år 2140 – mer enn 100 år fra nå – antyder ideen om at bare 2,5 millioner flere BTC vil bli hentet ut i løpet av denne utvidede perioden at gruveprosessen har blitt utrolig treg de siste årene , så du kan forestille deg hvor lang tid det vil ta å utvinne en hel blokk. Du kan fortsatt tjene penger, men det er en mulighet for at de ikke vil være jevne, og det kan ta litt tid å virkelig samle de midlene som er nødvendige for å holde en virksomhet oppe.


Previsione dei prezzi Bitcoin: BTC a muoversi verso la resistenza di $20800, analista

  • La previsione dei prezzi Bitcoin si aspetta stabilità al suo attuale range.
  • 20.000 violazioni sono possibili con il supporto del mercato.
  • Il modello suggerisce che la volatilità del periodo è finita.

La previsione del prezzo Bitcoin di Atlas Trades mostra che il prezzo BTC si muoverà verso i 20.800 dollari se la moneta si rompe al di sopra del modello a triangolo. La criptovaluta ha osservato un movimento ribassista l’8 dicembre ed è scesa verso il livello di $18700.

Il prezzo BTC è stato osservato al livello di $18844,96 al momento della scrittura sul Bitstamp. La traiettoria del prezzo della Cryptocurrency è scesa bruscamente verso il livello di $18700 poco prima di mezzogiorno dell’8 dicembre. Il livello di prezzo più alto raggiunto dalla cripto-valuta l’8 dicembre è stato di 19301,75 dollari, mentre il prezzo più basso colpito dalla cripto-valuta dopo il movimento al ribasso è stato di 18619,06 dollari. Attualmente, la criptocurrency si trova sopra la soglia dei $18700.

Previsione del prezzo Bitcoin: Il breakout e il rialzo si spostano a $20800 in avanti?

La criptocurrency è stata scambiata all’interno di un modello a triangolo dall’inizio di dicembre. L’analista Atlas Trades ritiene che il prezzo rimbalzerà sul fondo del modello a triangolo per poi salire fino alla parte superiore dell’impostazione del trade, che è dove la resistenza di $20800 è segnata.

Nelle ultime settimane la criptovaluta ha subito un movimento ascendente e il prezzo ha raggiunto il suo massimo storico proprio all’inizio di dicembre. La volatilità del prezzo è diminuita di molto da quando il prezzo è entrato nel modello del triangolo, e il prezzo della Bitcoin Code è salito sopra il fondo del triangolo. Il prezzo alla fine metterà alla prova il limite superiore e poi si romperà sopra il triangolo per testare la parte superiore dell’impostazione della compravendita. La resistenza piatta è di $20800, mentre il livello di supporto è confermato a $18200.

Qual è il prossimo passo per la coppia BTCUSD?

Il crypto king opera all’interno di un canale secondo il grafico sottostante, e si prevede che il prezzo si romperà presto verso l’alto.

Per l’analista, la cripto-valuta si sta attualmente accumulando prima che possa vedere qualsiasi movimento importante verso il rialzo. Il mercato altcoin ha visto un crollo l’8 dicembre, mentre BTC negozia ben oltre i 18500 dollari. La resistenza più vicina si trova sopra i $20000, e se la criptocurrency si muove al di sopra di questo canale commerciale, allora il prezzo salterà sopra i ventimila e raggiungerà un altro massimo storico.

Cosa aspettarsi da Bitcoin?

Il grafico sottostante mostra un altro schema triangolare che si forma sul timeframe 4h della coppia BTCUSD. L’analista Mahtab ritiene che ci siano due percorsi che il re della crittovaluta potrebbe seguire da qui.

La resistenza superiore è stata segnata a $20400, mentre il supporto è stato segnato a $17400. Un breakout verso l’alto dal modello a triangolo dovrebbe permettere ai tori di versare e il prezzo salterà in cima all’impostazione del trade. Questo è uno dei due scenari che Bitcoin potrebbe prendere. L’altro scenario mostra che la cripto-valuta si romperà al di sotto del triangolo, per poi scendere verso i $18000 a seguito di una breve inversione di prezzo con un’eventuale caduta verso il fondo della compravendita. Questo prezzo confermerà il supporto a $17400 se diventa ribassista e si rompe verso il basso.


Lebanon’s CBDC: Just a Desperate Try?

According to the national news agency, Lebanon is also specifically concerned with CBDC plans. The background: inflation in the country is high, as is the mountain of debt.

Efforts by central banks to launch digital national currencies (CBDC) are now being made around the globe. China in particular is very far ahead in an international comparison. Now there is another candidate, Lebanon, who has entered this race. The US news agency Bloomberg reported, citing the national news agency of Lebanon, that the digital currency is intended to strengthen “confidence” in the country’s banking system.

The national news agency of Lebanon quotes Governor Riad Salameh:

Lebanon has no natural resources and we must keep the gold because it is an asset that could be liquidated in foreign markets if we face an inevitable, fateful crisis

The project should also according to other media reportsto be launched in 2021. Salameh already mentioned in 2019 that Lebanon was planning a Crypto Revolt project. At that time, the aim of the project was to provide the local economy with a purely cashless transaction system. At the time, however, concerns about money laundering and security had not yet been addressed.

Lebanon has been thinking about CBDC for some time

Last OctoberParliament in Lebanon passed a law on electronic transactions and personal data. Article 61 of this law contains the first official mention of “electronic and cryptocurrencies” in a case law text. Parliament evaded this question by giving the central bank full responsibility for establishing a legal framework for these currencies.

The Lebanese pound is currently struggling with drastic inflation. Lebanon is one of the most heavily indebted countries of all. Against this background, the effort to spread a CBDC appears to be a more or less desperate attempt to stop this downward trend.

The situation in the North African state is nowhere near as dire as it is in Venezuela . There the bolívar often sinks in the course of the day and leads a more or less worthless shadowy existence. The success of the Petro, the oil-backed Venezuelan digital currency, is also a long time coming.

As of October, the Bahamas became the first state in the world to officially and comprehensively issue a CBDC. The 393,000 inhabitants of the island state can thus fall back on the “sand dollar” baptized currency. It is pegged 1: 1 to the Bahamian dollar, which in turn is pegged 1: 1 to the US dollar rate.


Le trafic de baleines Bitcoin dimanche affecte toujours la CTB ?

  • L’alerte aux baleines a fait état d’un important trafic de baleines Bitcoin dimanche.
  • Le prix du bitcoin a chuté après le trafic de baleines signalé.
  • Le trafic de baleines et le prix du bitcoin sont corrélés comme un secret de polichinelle.

Le lundi 2 novembre, le roi de la cryptoconnaie a vu le prix passer rapidement de la fourchette de 13700 $ à celle de 13500 $, pour finalement se retrouver dans une autre fourchette plus basse, à 13200 $.

Là où différentes perspectives ont apporté des opinions différentes pour expliquer cette baisse, les deux facteurs les plus importants restent les élections américaines et le trafic de Bitcoin Whale.

Le trafic de baleines Bitcoin est important

Alerte aux baleines, le service de surveillance qui garde un œil sur presque toutes les grandes cryptocurrences a signalé un trafic de baleines important dimanche et aux premières heures du lundi.

Il s’agissait de transactions de vente qui auraient un impact négatif sur les négociants puisqu’un afflux de plus de 4000 BTC sur le marché signifie qu’une tendance de vente se dessine.

La tendance de vente est associée à une dynamique baissière et crée ainsi une baisse du marché. Au total, 8 transactions ont été enregistrées le 1er novembre, où le même montant, soit 1000 CTB, a été transféré du portefeuille inconnu à la Coinbase et à d’autres échanges.

Cela se produit généralement lorsqu’une seule baleine essaie de se débarrasser de sa réserve sur le marché et de l’encaisser après une longue période de hodling.

Certaines transactions d’achat ont été observées

Certaines transactions d’achat ont été observées le même jour, mais étant donné que l’achat ne valait que plus de 3000 et que la réserve de vente déchargée sur le marché était de 8000 BTC, l’impact négatif a rapidement frappé le marché, entraînant une éventuelle chute des prix.

D’autre part, les élections américaines prévues aujourd’hui maintiennent également les volumes de transactions quotidiennes à un faible niveau, et la plupart des traders originaires des États-Unis hodgèlent leurs actifs dans l’espoir que le roi de la cryptocouronne atteigne un nouveau sommet juste après les élections.


GazpromBank will Bitcoin-Handel und -Verwahrung in der Schweiz anbieten

FINMA bewilligt russische Tochtergesellschaft für den Handel und die Verwahrung von Bitcoin in der Schweiz

Dienstleistungen, die Kauf, Verkauf, Bitcoin-Handel und Verwahrung umfassen

Gazprombank will den Handel zwischen Krypto- und Fiat-Währungen erleichtern

Die Schweiz finanziert die Krypto-Ära, indem sie Institutionen sanktioniert, die kryptowährungsbasierte Dienstleistungen in der Schweiz anbieten. Die in der Schweiz ansässige russische Tochtergesellschaft Gazprombank erhielt dafür die Genehmigung der Finanzinstitute in der Schweiz. Gazprom wird nun eine Reihe von Dienstleistungen rund um die Kryptowährung anbieten, zu denen auch der Handel und die Verwahrung von BitQT in der Schweiz gehören.

Die am 29. Oktober angekündigte Gazprombank mit Sitz in Zürich bestätigte den Erhalt der Genehmigung der Eidgenössischen Finanzmarktaufsicht (FINMA) zur Erleichterung des digitalen Währungshandels auf dem Schweizer Finanzmarkt. Die Gazprombank ist eines der fünf größten Finanzinstitute Russlands und das drittgrößte in Europa, gemessen am Eigenkapital.

Bitcoin-Handel und -Verwahrung in der Schweiz

Die Gazprombank ist der führende Anbieter von konventionellen Bankprodukten und -dienstleistungen für Firmen- und Institutskunden. Die Genehmigung markiert die Krypto-Behörde der Bank in der Region, und das Produktportfolio soll verbesserte Funktionen für den Handel und die Verwahrung von Bitcoin aufweisen. Die Bank wird wahrscheinlich den Handel mit Fiat- und anderen Krypto-Währungen anbieten.

Verwendung von Derivaten: Schritte der SEC zur Verbesserung des regulatorischen Rahmens
Binance Futures jetzt der liquideste ewige Bitcoin-Swap
Gemini-Austausch, TaxBit-Partner zur Optimierung der kryptografischen Steuerberichterstattung
DBS Bank b2b-Austausch & DBS Sicherheits-Token bald live

Die Ankündigung enthielt Einzelheiten über die anfängliche Implementierungsphase, in der die genannten Dienste für einen bestimmten Kundenstamm geöffnet werden sollen, sowie Ergänzungen der Produktlinie wie institutsspezifische Datenspeicherlösungen und den Handel mit Bitcoin (BTC). Langfristige Pläne beinhalten den Einstieg in andere bemerkenswerte Krypto-Währungen und verwandte Produkte zu den kryptobasierten Diensten.

Die Bank skizzierte die weltweit steigende Bedeutung digitaler Vermögenswerte sowie ihren aktuellen und potenziellen Kundenstamm. Die Liquidität digitaler Vermögenswerte ist ein wachsendes Bedürfnis heutiger Unternehmen, das die Bank mit einem zusätzlichen Hauch von hochwertiger Schweizer Sicherheit erfüllen will.

Verschiedene Banken und Regierungen springen auf den Zug der Kryptowährung und des digitalen Geldes der Zentralbanken in der wirtschaftlichen Landschaft nach dem 19. Oktober 2009 auf, und diese Entwicklung stellt einen weiteren Meilenstein in diese Richtung dar.


Bestimmen, ob die Zählung von Bitcoin bullish oder bearish ist


  • Ob die Auszählung bullish oder bearish ist, ist noch nicht klar.
  • Die BTC hat wahrscheinlich eine kurzfristige Spitze erreicht oder nähert sich ihr.
  • Ein Rückgang unter $10.945 würde die Mehrheit der Aufwärtszählungen ungültig machen.

Am 20. Oktober bewegte sich der Bitcoin (BTC)-Kurs über den Widerstandsbereich von $12.050 und holte damit alle Verluste aus dem Rückgang von Anfang September wieder auf.

Trotz dieser Bewegung ist noch nicht klar, ob es sich um eine neue Aufwärtsbewegung oder eine Aufwärtskorrektur handelt.

Aufwärts gerichtete Bitcoin-Wellenzählung

Die Aufwärtszählung der BTC deutet darauf hin, dass der Preis einen zinsbullischen Impuls begonnen hat (unten in orange dargestellt) und derzeit in Welle 3 gehandelt wird. Es wird erwartet, dass der Impuls Teil einer längerfristigen Welle 5 sein wird, die den Preis bis auf 14.000 $ bringen könnte.

Wenn die Zählung korrekt ist, hat der BTC-Preis gerade die Unterwelle 3 (blau) abgeschlossen und wird bald beginnen, sich zu korrigieren. Ein Rückgang unter das Hoch der Unterwelle 1 bei 10.950 $ würde diese spezielle Wellenzählung ungültig machen.


Um das Ziel für die potenzielle Korrekturbewegung zu bestimmen, müssen wir die Unterwellen 1-2 (blau) betrachten.

Aufgrund der EW-Regeln müssen sich die Unterwellen 2 und 4 abwechseln. Die Korrektur für die Unterwelle 2 war eine flache Korrektur, die ein tiefes Retracement (0,618) durchlief und genauso lange dauerte wie die Unterwelle 1.

Im Idealfall wäre Unterwelle 4 ein flacher Zickzackkurs (0,382 – 0,5), der in der Nähe von 11.325 $ enden würde. Außerdem sollte sie in kürzerer Zeit abgeschlossen werden als Unterwelle 3. Da die Unterwelle 3 18 Tage dauerte, würden wir erwarten, dass die Unterwelle 4 nach etwa acht Tagen abgeschlossen sein würde.

Anzahl der bärischen Wellen

Die Anzahl der rückläufigen Wellen deutet darauf hin, dass die aktuelle Rallye korrigierend wirkt, da sie Teil der C-Welle (schwarz) einer längerfristigen B-Welle (weiß) ist.

Da die anfängliche A-Welle (weiß) in drei Unterteilungen stattfand, wird die Korrektur als eine flache Korrektur (3-3-5 Unterwellenzählung) betrachtet. Die B-Welle (weiß) hat sich über das Niveau von 0,85 Fib des gesamten Rückgangs hinaus erhöht, so dass es sich um eine gültige flache Korrektur handelt.

Während der Preis technisch gesehen über das 12.470 $-Hoch vom 17. August steigen und ein erweitertes Flat erzeugen könnte, handelt es sich hierbei um seltenere Korrekturen.

Was nach Abschluss der aktuellen Bewegung folgen sollte, ist ein Impuls, der die C-Welle abschließt. Die drei wahrscheinlichsten Ziele für das Ende dieser Welle liegen bei $9661, $8947 und $8048, die 1, 1,27 und 1,61 Fib-Projektionen der Welle A (weiß).

Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass der Rückgang vom aktuellen Widerstandsniveau entscheidend dafür sein wird, ob der Trend bullish oder bearish ist.


Tout ce que vous devez savoir sur le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)

Le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust a fait la une des journaux ces derniers mois. Voici comment cela fonctionne et ce que cela signifie pour l’espace cryptographique.

Le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust est un véhicule financier qui permet aux investisseurs d’échanger des actions dans des fiducies détenant de grands pools de Bitcoin

Les actions du fonds suivent le prix du Crypto Bank, mais seulement approximativement.

Grayscale propose également plusieurs autres produits négociés en bourse, notamment le suivi d’Ethereum, de Bitcoin Cash et de Litecoin.

Il existe un moyen d’investir dans Bitcoin directement sur le marché boursier: le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) . C’est l’un des nombreux véhicules financiers de ce type permettant aux investisseurs de négocier des actions de fiducies qui détiennent de grands pools de Bitcoin, chaque action étant évaluée à un prix presque suffisant au prix du Bitcoin .

En octobre 2020, le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust représente 6,5 milliards de dollars d’actifs Bitcoin à capitaux privés. Grayscale, une société américaine d’investissement dans la cryptographie qui est l’un des plus gros acheteurs de Bitcoin au monde, a lancé la fiducie en septembre 2013. Elle se négocie sous «GBTC».

Le Grayscale Bitcoin Trust détient 456 537 Bitcoin, soit 58% des 786 059 Bitcoin détenus par des sociétés cotées en bourse, selon

Le Trust a fait la une des journaux en raison de sa croissance rapide. Le 9 juin 2020, le Trust détenait 384 953 Bitcoin. Cela marque une augmentation d’environ 70 Bitcoin en quatre mois et demi.


Moon or Mars? What is the next resistance in the Bitcoin Chart?

Tether (USDT) is the best known and largest stable coin. It is used to quickly pump USD into the crypto markets because the price is always stable.
The rocket in the Bitcoin chart is launched and the moon and Mars are waiting. At least that is the opinion of many investors, with the hope of a new all time high. The PayPal-News seems to be the decisive factor and the euphoria knows no bounds. From a technical and analytical point of view, however, Bitcoin is directly confronted with several major Crypto Engine platform resistances. One of these resistances will be examined in more detail in this article – the Fibonacci levels.

The Bitcoin Chart of Coinbase is examined on a weekly, daily and 4-hour basis. As in previous reports, the Moving Average 200 is shown, as this is a very prominent support and resistance line.

Fibonacci and stock prices?
The Fibonacci sequence of numbers may be familiar to some from mathematics. However, this phenomenon is also relevant in nature and even on the stock market. For example, mathematical calculations can be used to determine price levels, up to where the price can correct after an impulse movement. If these levels are reached, they act as support or resistance. Special attention is paid to the Golden Pocket – the range between 0.618 and 0.65 Fibonacci levels. A nice example is the Bitcoin Chart in the weekly view. The zone up to just over $14,000 was also mentioned in our last report as a strong resistance zone.

The moon does not shine far away any more. Or let’s say the All Time High first. But let’s take a look at the last reaction of the price when it ran into the Golden Pocket region. The course did not run to the Moon, nor to Mars, but pressed down again and the Moving Average 200 had to support the closing price.

Is there any information for the Bitcoin Chart in the Daily?
Resistance, correction phases and support are something quite natural – in life as well as on the stock market. No price can rise indefinitely and profit taking by others is inevitable. Since the beginning of October, we have seen a price rise on the daily chart that has had virtually no relevant correction. Higher, further, faster, moon, mars. Greed eliminates many a wise decision. But what if the Bitcoin price turns at this point and swings south, against its own long position?

A support zone, which has formed above the Moving Average 200, gives the course current support. But consider the Golden Pocket directly above the price from the weekly chart. Bitcoin is being squeezed tighter and tighter from both sides. The support is getting closer and the resistance is right above it. The price must decide for one side, up or down, long or short. We do not know which one this will be. Observing the course of the Bitcoin chart and deriving wise decisions from the past – we can influence that.

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And what is the short-term outlook now?
This can possibly be answered with the 4-hour chart. In this time frame it doesn’t look too bad for Bitcoin. Two support zones are below the rising price and it seems that it wants to make a new breakout attempt to the top. Whether this will be sustainable – we do not know yet. With spontaneous, ill-considered long entries on the 4-hour chart, one can currently take a lot of losses – just think of the Golden Pocket from the superior week on the Bitcoin chart!

Well, whether Bitcoin will reach the moon or Mars in the near future, or whether it will “only” attack the All Time High is still written in the stars. What we can act on is what we see and not what we wish for.