Now Dave Portnoy offers to save Bitcoin?

28. August 2020 Off By admin

Yes, Dave Portnoy, who claimed to have acquired more than $1 million in Bitcoin to get rid of it quickly, now says he could save Bitcoin, but on a condition you won’t believe.

Saving Bitcoin?

I don’t know what made Dave Portnoy think that Bitcoin needed to be rescued, but the fact is that he claims to be able to do it, but only on the condition that the Bitcoiners are polite to him.

For those of you who don’t know, a few days ago, Portnoy claimed to be a fierce believer in Bitcoin and cryptomontages by investing over a million dollars in BTC.

However, a few days later, he decided to get rid of all his active crypto assets, claiming to have lost a lot of money.

But, as if that wasn’t enough, yesterday he posted a tweet where he said: “I’ll save Bitcoin and crypto only if you ask me nicely.

To this tweet, Peter Schiff, known for his hatred of Bitcoin Rejoin, happily replied that “Bitcoin can’t be saved. Why get on a sinking ship or encourage others to do so? You did well to reduce your losses.

But not only did he offer himself as the savior of Bitcoin, he also tweeted, “It’s time to save the #Linkmarines? He later posted a survey about it, and most people responded that he should let them die.

Joining the trend on Twitter, the eToro US platform responded that “the sexual tension between Dave and Bitcoin has never been more real.

We really don’t know exactly what Portnoy meant by “saving” Bitcoin. Bitcoin is now priced at $11,485, according to Crypto Online’s Crypto Trend tool.

Will the Bitcoiners be able to convince Portnoy to save Bitcoin?

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You can now bet on DeFi at Binance
As the DeFis industry expands, Binance announced today a new line of perpetual contracts, being an index composed of DeFi tokens, which will be traded on Binance Futures.

Among Binance’s new index are Compound, Band Protocol, Aave,, Maker, Chainlink, Kyber Network, Synthetic Network Token, 0x and Swipe.

Likewise, another important detail is that the perpetual contracts will be denominated and paid in USDT and, in addition, will have a leverage of up to 50x.