Reddit: Continuing the hype with Ethereum cooperation?

29. Januar 2021 Aus Von admin

The online platform Reddit has set itself the goal of bringing the advantages of blockchain technology closer to its users. To do this, it relies on Ethereum.

The online community Reddit will expand its role in the Ethereum ecosystem.

The company announced that it would henceforth build scaling tools for the blockchain network

That emerges from a social media notice from Reddit that was posted on Wednesday. This explicitly mentions scaling tools that are being developed in cooperation with the Ethereum Foundation. In the announcement that appeared on the Bitcoin Era subreddit , the employee with the username u / jarins writes that this move will increase commitment to the technology. In addition, this measure is fully in line with the long-cherished „decentralized ethos“.

That partnership could lead Reddit to work on tools to scale Ethereum Layer 2 or drive projects from prototype to production. Own resources, including a development team, would be involved in this work. This project probably also boils down to users benefiting from Reddit’s community points feature.

As stated in Wednesday’s announcement, the platform now has over 50 million daily users

As BTC-ECHO previously reported , Reddit is experimenting with Ethereum-based tokens for two of its subreddits, r / Cryptocurrency and r / FortNiteBR. This week’s announcement makes a partnership between Reddit and the Ethereum Foundation official. The online community started developer pitches last summer to find the best way to distribute community points.